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Welcome to a Haven of Islamic Knowledge

For over a decade, I’ve witnessed the joy of learning to transform minds and hearts. My journey began with a deep fascination with the rich tapestry of Islamic knowledge. Today, I share that passion as a certified Aalima, eager to guide you on your own path of enlightenment.

Imagine the feeling of unlocking the wisdom of Sahih Bukhari, a foundational text, with a certified guide. My own learning journey was enriched by renowned scholars like Dr. Sheikh Sohail Hassan and Dr. Sheikh Abdul Basit Faheem (and more!). Together, let’s delve into the depths of Islamic knowledge, a path steeped in tradition where every lesson unveils a deeper understanding of our beautiful heritage.

Embark on a captivating exploration. Embrace the beauty of learning. Illuminate your soul with the divine wisdom of Islam. Join me.

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Accelerated Learning 80%
Life Coaching 75%
Productivity Camps 87%
Enterpreneurship 61%
Quranic Tajweed 87%
Quranic Arabic Grammar 70%

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2010 - PRESENT
Chief Operating Officer Teacher

Teacher March 2011-present Study Pal (Private Business) ● ArabicGrammar and Language Teacher for Aalimah Course

Qudwa(AdvanceAalimah Course)
 Al Midrar Institute

Embarking on a journey of deeper Islamic knowledge, I began the Qudwa (Advanced Aalimah Course) at Al Midrar Institute in August 2022. This ongoing program is enriching my understanding of Islamic scholarship and equipping me with the tools to effectively share my knowledge with others.

Advance Alim Alimah Course
 Burooj Institute

The Advance Alim Alimah Course is an Islamic scholarship program designed for students who already possess a foundation in Islamic knowledge and are seeking a deeper understanding. It caters to both men (Alim) and women (Alimah) who can manage their studies alongside other commitments. The program emphasizes classical Islamic texts and offers an in-depth exploration of Islamic theology, law, and other related subjects. This comprehensive course can equip graduates with the expertise to serve as Islamic scholars and leaders within their communities.

2016 - 2017
AlHuda Institute and Hamaray BAchay Department - Tajweed Department and Ramadan Course in Hamaray Bachay Department

In the lead-up to Ramadan, I had the privilege of leading a captivating course at AlHuda Institute's Hamaray Bachhay Department. Students embarked on a journey of Islamic exploration through the power of creative skits. Furthermore, I had the distinct honor of sharing my expertise in Tajweed, the art of Qur'anic recitation, with students in the English Department, fostering a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice.

2014 - 2016
Taleem ul Quran - Alhuda Institute

My time at AlHuda Institute for aleem ul Quran Course was a rewarding journey of learning and development. I deepened my knowledge of [Tajweed principles] and gained valuable experience in teaching Tajweed, fostering a love for learning, effectively communicating Islamic knowledge"

Bachelors in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies (Shahadat ul Aaliyah- Sir Jamia Salafia Islamabad.

Laying the groundwork for Islamic scholarship, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies (Shahadat ul Aaliyah) from Sir Jamia Salafia Islamabad. This program provided a strong foundation in classical Arabic and Islamic knowledge, encompassing core subjects like theology, jurisprudence, and Islamic history. This valuable education prepared me for further studies and ignited a passion for sharing Islamic knowledge with others.

Masters in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies (Shahadat ul Alamiyyah)- Wafaq ul Madaris Salafia Faislabad

Deepened my Islamic scholarship with a Master's degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies (Shahadat ul Alamiyyah) from Wafaq ul Madaris Salafia Faisalabad. This rigorous program honed my fluency in Arabic and provided a comprehensive understanding of Islamic principles, history, and traditions. This foundation equips me to effectively guide others on their own journeys of Islamic exploration.

2023-Present Aalimah Course KIU Knowlege International University

Knowledge International University offers an online four-year Bachelor's program in Arabic specifically designed for the Aalimah Course. This program caters to women seeking a deeper understanding of Islam while maintaining their existing commitments. Taught entirely online, it provides flexibility for students to learn at their own pace. The curriculum emphasizes the Arabic language, considered essential for comprehending classical Islamic texts. Through this program, students can develop strong Arabic language skills alongside a thorough grounding in Islamic theology, law, and other relevant subjects. Graduating as Aalimah equips them with the knowledge and expertise to serve as Islamic scholars and community leaders.

2023-Present Aalimah Course VIU Virtual Islamic University

Virtual Islamic University offers a four-year online Bachelor's program in Arabic that aligns with the Aalimah Course objectives. This program could be ideal for women seeking to become Islamic scholars while managing other responsibilities. Delivered entirely online, it provides flexibility for students to learn at their own pace.

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